Thursday, April 26, 2012

To friends and family who STUFFED my mama's suitcases with baby presents for Baby Castro! <3  We have beautiful clothes, onesies, sleepies, bath sets, Boppy pillow, carrier wraps (for my little burrito!!!) our epic Chicco stroller system (delivery date:  4 May!!) and don't forget YANKEE onesies!  We have books, blankies, swaddlers, my Beaba baby food processor <3, and thank you Grandma Lee for your first great-grandbaby's crib, bedding and changing table... Daddy Vic is "so excited" to start putting it together this weekend!

The poor dear is "over joyed" with the long list of things for him to do, in wake of Hurricane Patti...  I am too lazy to run up three floors of stairs to grab the camera, but photos coming soon of all of our beautiful baby bounty.  We've made out like BANDITS! <3 

terrible photo, but the bump:  26 weeks & the pup, 7 weeks.  
Ps.  I think puppy Zulu will have to give one of those baby wraps a test run...  Practice makes perfect, right?  

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