Wednesday, April 4, 2012

23 weeks down, 17 more to go!

Pimples.  Heartburn.  The increasing size of my ass.  These are my baby related complaints.  I am most concerned about my ass...  Vic say's I'm beautiful and its important to balance out the belly and giant boobs.  If I wasn't having these waves of heartburn every time I eat, I think I'd be exercising more.  I did finally get back on my elliptical, but with this damn cough, I just don't have the energy.  I keep reading my Second Trimester update emails, saying, "Aren't you glad you have your energy back?!"  No.  I am more tired NOW than I was the First Trimester.  

What I've learned about baby in the last 2 weeks:

Week 21:  Baby is about the length of a carrot, and is wiggling and squirming like a maniac.  I mostly feel it in my lower abdomen, maybe 4 inches below my bellybutton.  It feels like constant stomach rumbling and gurgling, without the noises.  And it happens more so at night than during the day.  If that is any indication of what baby's hours will be like, I BLAME VICTOR.  My wonderful amazing dream of a husband is a night owl 100% (as much as I try to get him on a day schedule).  He does well for a few days, and then has some ridiculous, last minute late night work thing, and is up all night and then takes forever to get him back on a schedule in which he is climbing into bed before 2 am.  *sigh* 

Baby now has eyelashes and eyebrows now and is covered in the white stuff, called vernix caseosa, to protect baby from scratching him/herself, and from getting too pruney in the amniotic fluid.  And if baby is a girl (which my mom and godmother are so sure it is) her little vagina is forming.  I have gone over the sonogram video about a million times, and yes of course, I am no expert, I am convinced that you can never be 100% sure about the sex of your little peanut until it comes out and you can check the parts for yourself... HAHA!!  I'm really hoping for a boy for Victor's sake, he needs a boy on his side.  But as long as baby is healthy, we are happy.  And girl clothes are just so damn cute.  I've found pink and black skully tutu/ onesies that I am waiting to buy, if necessary.  Oh Oh OH!!! <3

And baby is beginning to fatten up.  Hehehe... how cute!  

"Durinweek 21 pregnancy, your baby’s digestive system is also undergoing changes. The baby’s tongue is fully formed at this time and more swallowing is happening this week.
The baby is hiccupping. This is common yet unusual. There will be slow contraction and relaxation of intestines during this week. The little one can swallow and absorb the fluids through the amniotic fluid which helps in maturing the digestive system of your child.
Until now, the baby’s spleen and liver are the organs responsible for the construction of blood cells. The spaces in bone marrow are well developed and lead to blood cell formation.
The immune system of the baby begins to develop and white blood cells are being produced to form the baby’s defense system."

 I found a new baby info website, which is super informative.  Even though I have books and blogs and weekly email updates, I really do enjoy reading about all the tiny little developments happening inside my belly.  Which, by the way, is getting bigger... I actually look pregnant now.  I need to pick up a few more maternity shirts.  And I get to cut in line whenever I am shopping here in Portugal.  It's a law of some sort... pregnant women, parents with small babies and the elderly and disabled automatically cut the line pretty much anywhere.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I literally get shooed to the front of the line... It's so surreal... but nice. :)

Week 22:  Baby has little tooth buds forming. EEEE!!!  The pancreas is forming, producing all kinds of important hormones is kicking ass.  The tiny ear bones are forming, and all my email updates say to talk to baby, s/he is listening!  My little creeper!!  And again, baby is fattening up, vital protection for the miniature nervous system inside me.

Potential stretch marks is a major topic of conversation on the 22 week babyblogs.  I have been an obsessive-compulsive moisturizer-er since middle school.  (I was a competitive gymnast.  I was always in a leotard.  You are aware of ashy knees and elbows ALL the time.)  Not a bad habit to be in... So I've been using my Johnson & Johnsons pink baby lotion as usual, but I've also added in a few different stretch mark prevention creams... So far, so good... my skin is so sensitive and fair, I don't want to take ANY chances.  I have read that you can be genetically predisposed to having pregnancy related stretch marks... another perk of being adopted:  I have no idea.  But I will continue my regiment of lotion, and I've been meaning to pick up some Vitamin E to rub on my belly.  

Week 23:  Our Little Mango! More eye development, bones are ossifying, little teeth buds continue to develop (both primary and secondary!), baby's ear bones (to listen to me sing in the shower) and even fingernails will finish forming!!  EEE!!  Veins, lungs and pancreas are the superstars this week... And I have to remember to hydrate, more and more hydration, buy a body pillow to help me sleep at night and start buying baby stuff.

I will have Victor take some belly photos tonight to show off my awesome bump.  I definitely haven't "popped" yet but it should be happening soon.  Also highlights of the next few weeks, I will be able to see my belly literally ripple when baby moves.  WOah!!     

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