Friday, April 27, 2012

shabby chic transformation....

Trying to blog with a sleeping puppy in your arms is not conducive to long blocks of text explaining the intricacies of shabby chicing your husbands 30 year old childhood furniture... so I guess I'll just post a massive list of photos... :)

A close-up of the soundproof foam that Victor had lining two of the walls in our bedroom/ nursery.  I did love the idea of working with the colors to create a super modern, gender neutral room, but in the end it had to go.  While I did consider for one hot minute to keep one wall of soundproofing (we share a wall with the jerkfaces next door...) I just couldn't past the idea of how dirty 30 year old sound studio foam could potentially be.  And I am definitely not a germaphobe, but the idea of my newborn sleeping next to/ anywhere near that foam... just... ehhh....... 

That is double-sided tape that is going to have to be sandblasted off the wall... And one wall, with the soundproof foam...

The disaster soon to become the space where we rest our precious heads... :/ 

Mama and I started to pull down the foam just to see how Victor got it up there.  And before we could do anything, big rolls of it started falling down....  THE DUST..... 

I just want you all to know that the white you are seeing is where the tape pulled CHUNKS of paint/ concrete out of the wall... And the black you are seeing is raised glue with quarter inch chunks of foam.  

The moment you all have been waiting for...  The shabby chic progression!!!

The desk and a bunch of drawers from the other pieces


Mid- Paint Job

Mid- Shabby Chic
The next step was to seal the wood with a wax finish and paint the base brown.
Victor painted the stands in red oil paint when he was about 17...
And it was a b*tch to paint over...

My Mom Rules.

The Never-Ending Cabinets
 Post Clean-Out!!

So here is a basic... sketch of our future room!  This is where our bed will be, and that killer slanted wall where Baby Castro's furniture will be, is all along the sloping wall.  And since I am a full head shorter than my hubby, I get the sloped side... Haha!!  We have some serious work to do still on the walls, so there will be further updates coming in the next few weeks... But you get the idea!

The resistance bike will be in Victor's new office

The other half of our room.  Still in chaos, and there is my elliptical!  Now, if Baby Castro can only be trained to sleep through an elliptical workout... I will be SET!  

And don't forget our 5 hour stroll through IKEA!
That would be the crib, changing table, a huge wall map for the living room and some other  odds and ends that one cannot escape IKEA without!

(we were so tired at this point...)

I love you Mama!

THANK YOU DADDY FOR our little shopping spree!!
And thank you Grandma Lee for the crib/ changing table!! 
Ma, where you lookin'? 
I was a danger in the aisles....

Baby Castro:  25 weeks!  
 And Don't Forget the Garden Transformation!

Just for the record... Last year I put down the grass, little barrier on the right and flowers for Father's Day for Victor.  

But Hurricane Patti needed more color in our wee little yard!
And baby Zulu helping....

Chewing my keys

OMG I can't help but gush.... 

Mid- Garden Revolution

FLOWERS!  And Victor's Lemon Tree!!


And my mini-herb garden!!  Come August... its MOJITO TIME!!
That's it for now...  Will post more explanation about our shabby- chic process... Victor set up the crib today!!  And while I am super- tempted to wash and lay out the linens... I don't want them to get dusty and smell like paint once we do the walls... *sigh*

Thank you again to my Mom & Dad for all the work Mama and I have put into the reorganization of our house, and thanks to my Dad for footing the bill at the hardware store.... HE DESERVES A MEDAL (or maybe a grandbaby named after him!!) <3 <3

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