Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nonna Patsy's Video Phone Dump!

We are in the USA!!  I will be posting a TON of photos and huge updates about the last few weeks, but before I even get to that, I am diligently uploading 11 videos from my mom's cell phone.  I deeply apologize if you get "seasick" watching some of these videos...  We are still getting a hang of the whole video- thing.....  Most of these videos are recent, but I found a few videos from the NICU, nearly 11 months ago!!  And a few videos from Nonna Patsy's trip to Portugal in February.  The rest are from the last 2 weeks here in New York.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rainy Day

Love me some yummy baby!!

Team Awesome

life is good

green tea ice cream

bianca + valentina

Big sissy makes me laugh!!!


About three weeks ago, I was getting a hungry baby ready for bed, and I was changing her clothes, snuggling, trying to keep her happy as she was not- so- patiently waiting for her bottle, warming in the bottle warmer.  Every time the thing beeps that it is ready, I always say, "Baba time!"  And like Pavlov's dog experiments, my little pup, for the first time, BIG EYES, BIG SMILE, says, "BAHBA!!"  I was astonished for a few seconds.... as that was always "my line," but because Valentina hasn't said any clear one syllable words, let alone two syllables!  Of course I screamed and jumped for joy, called for Bianca to come running upstairs to witness the passing moment....  Texted Victor, texted my mom...  Baby didn't do a repeat performance for another week or so... But now, everything is BAbAbABABababababBABABbababa.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

sicky sicky

mid- january, valentina had her first fever, as a result of a vaccine she had.  it took 3 days of fever plus 2 exceptionally cranky days to recover...  and the only thing that made her happy was to watch "her songs" and "her videos" but daddy has been playing this song for her since she was still in my belly, and every day in the NICU.


our new trick

we all take baby spit showers now.


happy january!

radio silent

my deepest apologies for the untouched blog the last two months.... i cant believe that much time has passed so quickly!!! just a quickie for now, to let you all know we are all doing just fine....

a few stuffy noses, baby's first (vaccine related) fever, mostly sitting on her own, valentina's first word (BABA!) grandma patti's visit, and not one but TWO roller derby teams later....  it has been a BUSY start to the new year.

last week, valentina had a check up.... height/ weight/ head circumference are perfect, right on target,  and starting to catch up to a full-term babe... and she weighed in at 6.63 kilos....  7 months (10 months actual) 14 lbs. 9 oz!!! i have a TON of stuff to catch up on, but for now, here are a few quickie photos to tide you over... <3

nonna patti and her best girls

avo alda + vivi

happiest grandma ever

pleased with herself

if you look very closely, you can see baby's "V" bracelet!

i like my bug on my head

V for sweet Valentina
this is what i wake up to in the morning



valentine's butt

i love YOU