Friday, April 13, 2012

24 weeks: 6 months down, 3.5 to go!

So we are still in the second trimester, but we have reached a new benchmark:  the 6th month!  I am truly blessed that this has been a relatively uneventful pregnancy, which I understand is ideal.  I am still struggling with oily skin (and pimples that only I notice, according to Vic) and I am desperate for a new haircut.  (And a mani/ pedi.. haha!)  Things to do in the next week or so...   

I know I have been entirely FOS, promising lots of epic belly photos...  but now, finally, I have fabulous news for everyone: I have my iphone!!  Translation:  I finally have a camera that I know how to operate, I don't need to call my husband for help, who may at times be on other continents, to ask how to change the $5,000 lens.... (you see my apprehension?), the cables to connect to the computer are in my possession....  EVERYTHING I need, I have! 

The biggest reason why this is so exciting (other than shamelessly posting a zillion photos on my wee lil' blog), is because I think this is my... third or fourth? iphone... though I have never actually had an iphone set up, with a working phone number in which you can reach me.  While I will spare the long sob story, the first one was stolen, two other iphones were won on Ebay (need the jailbroken ones for Europe) but somehow lost in the payment process, one was a fake (FML), and I forget what else happened.  Now I still need Vic to do some updates on the phone, but technically have a working iphone... PHEW.

Sorry to bore you with that, but it was so traumatizing to think I finally had a working phone in my possession, more than 3 or four times... to end up with nothing.  (P.s.  iphones in Portugal start at around 1.500 € so there was no way I'm going to pay that, when in the US you can et a brand new iphone for $200 and a cell phone plan.  Ridiculous...)  

Ok ok ok baby news:  the heartburn is so much better, on a daily basis... but when it strikes, I suffer.  Victor my sweet love darling amazing husband, has been working like a maniac, but in the next few days, things should hopefully, finally calm down and we can have some much needed SNUGGLETIME!!!  We will be kicking nursery ass this weekend and in the next two weeks... It's ROCK & ROLL time! 

So at 24 weeks, I am officially 6 months pregnant.  It really has been going by fast!  Everyone keeps saying, "Enjoy it!  It will be over before you know it!"  and I guess it really is true.  Now that I have an unmistakeable belly, it is a lot more exciting.  I haven't really bought a ton of maternity clothes, mostly pants.  Just picked two pairs up from the seamstress, as I am so darn short, I had to have inches taken off.  And I can sew just fine  (especially since my amazing sewing machine is back in operation), but as they are skinny jeans the ankle holes are so small they don't FIT on the machine.. haha!!  I just can't win with this sort of things...

So baby is now about the length of an ear of corn, the size of a grapefruit or a papaya and should weigh about one pound and a half (about 0.68- 0.9 kilos).  

I guess a lot of the information is still the same... Baby is fattening up, lungs are preparing for first breath, digestion system is working, organs are finishing their development, etc.  Tiny little capillaries are pinking the skin.  

I definitely need to pick up a pair of comfy slip on shoes.   I've been wearing my moccasins the last few days and by dinner time, my feet are KILLING me... I'm scared about having giant swollen fat feet... so I think this is a MUST in the next few days! 

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