Hopefully you know by now, but in case if you don't... I am collecting photos and postcards from you! as a tribute to all the love you send our way, as we watch our tiny baby grow and thrive and kick ass in her incubator and gets ready to come home from the NICU.  Please send photos of you for Valentina's baby book!  Please send postcards!  Please do NOT send presents... this is NOT why I post!  We just want love.  prayers. best wishes.  all yr good karma.  positive energy.  good vibes.  rain dances.  heart-bursting love.

To send your photos for all the world to see... And if you'd like to send a postcard or yr super crafty and wanna make an origami bird or something rad like that...  Email me and I will send you our address... both in the US and Portugal.



  1. I will send a postcard :)))

  2. Yupiiiiiiii!!!
    Congratulations for all of you.
    I'm very proud of Valentina's life story. She is a very strong baby and so are her parents.
    I wish you all things good and a lot of happiness.

    See you sometime

    A big kiss

    Fátima Sousa (Nurse)