Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OK! she's back!

HOLY CRAP.  It's been awhile, yes yes yes I know... And I apologize... After I spent what felt like a million attempts to post the sonogram video, I was burnt out.  And I've been writing a lot of emails lately...  Not that any of this is an excuse, but you know, all that life getting in the way of life.

So the last time I wrote, Victor just got home from Angola!  It was a long trip for him filled with stress and round-the-clock work, but overall, his clients were thrilled with his work, and in the last two weeks since he has returned, he has been editing and tweaking 5 different commercials.  He left about 45 minutes ago this morning, to present at least 4 of those commercials.  Oh my honey bunny is just so busy!  And here I am complaining that I don't have time to blog... I'm a real tw*t, again... I'm sorry.  

SO:  life lately.  Miss Bianca came down with a horrible cough and cold about two weeks ago, which means that now, spring break, she is better, I am hacking up a storm.  And of course, there isn't anything I can do but drink tea with honey.  *Sigh.*  Oh NyQuil, how I miss you!  

For Victor's 4 AM return home, I woke up super early that morning, made about 3 dozen pancakes, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, bread, jam, cheeses, and an epic 3 tiered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I should have taken a picture, but my cell phone has issues... I should have a new phone that finally works properly, so I will be a picture-taking-wh*re soon...  and you can all view the zillion belly photos, and those self-glorifying "look how pretty I am photos" that we all love about camera phones and bathroom mirror tricks... HAHHA!!!  (Promise, I won't post too many......)  

Bianca and I could only find "bird" shaped balloons (don't know why...) and there were about 20 of them around the curtains, wall, etc.... plus the beautiful spread on the coffee table, but you know.... soon as I have a working camera, there will be tons of photos up here.... prometo!
Anyway, I just wanted to note that my epic chocolate cake was a true surprise.  For whatever strange reason, I've never baked a chocolate cake from scratch before.  I have no real reason why, other than I somehow got it in my head it was harder to make?  AHhhh dunno.....  But I found a great recipe online, and while I read the ingredients before I started to bake, I didn't read the "How To."  And in a way, I am so glad that I didn't read ahead, otherwise I may have wimped out making the icing...  The cake was easy enough, though if anyone has any tips about how to bake your three tiers evenly, that would be great...  I always end up with little humps in the middle of my cake, making it lopsided.  And I've tried to be the Cake Boss and slice off the middle hump, but it just isn't as perfect as they do it on TV... boo....  

Anyhow, the icing required me to melt the chocolate in the sauce pan, with the butter and the cream, sift in the confectioner's sugar, take it off the heat and place the sauce pan in ice/water while I whip it with the electric mixer... And this is the part I have always shied away from.  It just seemed like too much effort for icing... I apologize to anyone who has eaten my cup/cakes before... I was short-changing you.  I vow to never wimp out when making icing again... SO MUCH BETTER this way!  (Ok this is the ONLY chocolate icing I've ever made, so I don't know if there is a better way, but it really was incredibly good!  I certainly impressed myself, my hubby, and my in-laws!)

So here is a link to the recipe...  if you are feeling adventurous... I definitely recommend it!      

So my layers weren't that perfect, and I went for three layers, but it was awesome nonetheless.

My mama sent the most amazing care package a few weeks ago... 5 bags of marshmallows.  Which means I think Victor is getting a life sized cake made out of Rice Krispy Treats... his favorite.  (They don't have the American style marshmallows here (that I have found....) and when I first bought Vic a Rice Krispy Treat in Starbucks our first summer together, he was blown away.  And then when I so casually said, "I can make those, no problem..." cos let's face it.... Anyone can cake rice krispies.... if I wasn't officially his dream girl, it was confirmed right then and there. HAHHA!!!)  My sweet love turns 35 on April 10th!!  I think we need to plan a little shindig.  I have something in mind, but Vic has adamantly insisted that he wants no birthday related anything (just dinner with me and Bebe, etc...)  but I think I may just go ahead and plan something small anyway.... Am I terrible?  I just love him... and he deserves to be reminded constantly how great he is.  With cake and friends.  And Sagres.  :)   

So my Mama is coming!!  My mama is coming!!!  She will be here the 11th of April..  and Victor and I had this grand plan to reorganize the living room, our bedroom, the third floor office/ guest room/ former sound studio/ future nursery.  To do any one thing, we have to do it all.  Simultaneously. And ALL of it includes painting, wallpapering, furniture buying, furniture repurposing, and a LOT of moving and organizing.  I have tried to downsize as much stuff as possible, but when it comes down to it, we can't do any one thing before we can do another... Kinda sucks a big one, as we cannot complete one project before moving to the next, but then again, once its all done, its done.  

I will post some photos of my ideas after this post...  though I have been researching TONS of DIY projects that are nursery related, etc.  And I have been cyberstalking IKEA.  Oh oh oh I am in LOVE with a few furniture pieces.  <3 <3 <3

Thinking about it now, while I have been MIA from the blogosphere, I have been a busy bee after all...  

Ps.  Rereading this post, I sound like a total crackpot, rambling, discombobulated tangents with random interjections... Maybe I'm always like this, but I feel like its getting worse.  My attention span is so short lately, and I have these outbursts of super- activity and then I get distracted, sputter out and then vegg-out.  I know it's baby related.. that post is coming next... :P  

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