Friday, April 13, 2012

our new baby:  zulu. . . . . . . . . . . <3 <3 <3

miss zulu

so by the way, bianca asked for a puppy for  her birthday.  victor has been saying he wants to get a giant gorilla dog for protection, for the last 2 years.  i am the only one who didn't want a dog, becuase guess who is home cleaning up puppy poop, house training, cleaning vomit, walking the dog, etc... the reality of a new dog:  its mom's responsiblility.  

easter sunday:  we went to victor's sister's house with the family.  we had a great meal and everybody was happy as can be.  one of victor's sisters was picking up her new puppy that day so this wrinkly little fur ball was sleeping in our laps all afternoon, the little girls fighting over who gets to hold puppy first.  

THEN....  the confession...  there was the runt of the litter that still unclaimed is now my new baby.

so sleepy, easter sunday...  with my new baby

wrinkle face!
so i am in love with this dog.  she is a shar pei/ black lab mix.  not the first breed i would choose, but, oh oh oh we are nuts to get a puppy while i am 6th months pregnant... i know... but there was no way around it.  she was the last one.  she is tiny.  she is darling.  and she is truly my little baby.  i cannot STAND to leave her alone.  she follows me around everywhere, sits between my feet when i am doing dishes, and wants nothing more than to just sleep in my lap.  and bite my toes.  *sigh*

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  1. She is tooo cute!! I am turning green with envy! I want my baby pup yesterday! Jared wants a 120lb doggy, but I am putting my foot down and denying him any dog that could walk me. We'll see what we end up with. Until then, please post puppy photos!! xoxo