Friday, April 13, 2012

surprise! mama is HERE!


I mentioned a few posts back that my MAMA was coming to Portugal!  And SHE IS HERE NOW!!!  We have been assessing the house situation big time... and have hit up the hardware stores about 4 times so far, and are headed back AGAIN today.  We are now shabby- chic-ing Victor's childhood furniture and the project will hopefully be complete in the next day or so.  I will update the finished photos.. but for now... here are some of the "before" pix...

the before chaos (left)

the before chaos (right)

the dresser (pardon all the other stuff....)

the desk

So the first step in our nursery process is to take the old night stand, dressers and desk and sand off the varnish.  After that we will be painting them white, sanding them again, and then putting on a wax finish to preserve our new look.  It is a pretty simple process, just dirty, heavy and time consuming.  Victor painted the base stands when he was about 17, in that awful burnt orange/ red oil based paint, so we will be spray painting over that, in a nice metallic/ matte grey to match our bed frame.  Once the furniture is complete, then we start room swapping.  I am still on the fence about wallpapering, and my mama has semi-convinced me to keep the sound proofing foam on the walls that Vic put up years ago... (More photos of that later...)  SO much to to still and figure out...  But I think as soon as this furniture is finished, I will feel a lot better.  The rest will come together... I hope. . .         

sanding down the old varnish

sanding down more varnish
So our house is in chaos.  TRUE and utter chaos.  We have piles of baby gifts, book stacks, puppy stuff to add to the mix.  We have mid- project purchases, decoration purchases,  and we need about a million plastic storage bins, we need shelving, a living room media center, you name it.  We are doing a MASSIVE overhaul in every room.  Unfortunately, to move one room, we have to move another, which is reliant on swapping out something else from another room.  I know I have complained about this before, but it is just so frustrating.  AND my poor hubby is locked into a work schedule that he is literally sleeping 3 - 4 hours a night.   He certainly doesn't have time (or energy!) to move furniture, put IKEA stuff together, organize his man cave/ office/ sunny guest room.. (haha) etc....  so that leaves poor Pasty.. HA!   

But I must admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my Mama here with me.  We have had such good laughs about silly little things, and mama has been telling me stories about her and Maye, my godmother, setting up my nursery when I was a baby (24 *ahhem* years ago...)

we have four pieces this size on stands, plus a dresser that is 3 drawers wide, plus the desk, pictured somewhere above...
 LOTS of sandpaper will be used in the next 2 days...  once we are done, we are going for manicures...

i get my love of bathrobes from my mama. <3 
Oh so much more to come in the next few days...  YAY!! I LOVE YOU MAMA!!     

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