Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday 28 July 2012

2384 grams... 5 lbs 4 oz!! I gave Valentina a nice bath this afternoon, and while I am scared out if my mind that my little wiggly slippery baby will escape my grasp, she certainly loves it, thoroughly enjoying her naked time! I am so nervous that i had Nurse Fatima stand next to me and talk me through it... Eee!!!

Right now, our biggest obstacle is finishing our bottles... We get so sleepy! When I first got to the hospital this afternoon, baby was so beautifully sleeping, oh oh oh she is such a tiny little love!! I spent the morning making baked zitti (to have premade dinner!) and started going through all my clothes... I'll be posting some before and after photos of our bedroom/ nursery, and included is my epic closet that my wonderful amazing brilliant husband put together for me (us..$. Now I just have to go through the 4 laundry baskets of clothes in Victor's office , two bins in the hallway and half- closet on Bianca's room.. And then I can start washing all the Baby's stuff that is new and waiting to be properly organized!! She is coming home any day now and I'd love to have everything ready... At least that's the plan.... I have so many errands to run still and of course, no time to spare... And don't forget, every three hours I have to stop and drop everything to pump breast milk... I can't wait to have Valentina home.. Then I'll have a damn good reason to have to rush to the couch and swoon!!

My mama will be here Tuesday morning so Vivi better be headed home Wednesday !!! We need snuggles!!

Here is a little chubby faced baby, who would rather snooze on mama than finish her baba...

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