Friday, July 6, 2012

friday, july 6th 2012: mama's free day!

is it POSSIBLE?  i may FINALLY get the first mani/pedi of summer?!!!

bianca is off to summer camp for the day & then to her mother's for the weekend.

victor is on a plane to france to do sound for a concert. (home tomorrow afternoon)

even zulu is going with grandpa manel to the vet for vaccines in preparation for her trip to grandma patti's "farm."  (zulu will be moving to new york for the next few months...  i feel so bad for the pup... 4 months old, and we are never home to play, walk, run, and train her... and with three four-legged "cousins" at my parents house to play with, not to mention hour-long runs at rockefeller state park every morning..  and sleeping under the covers in my parents bed with the rest of the gang... im sure if she could speak, she would be mad that she is still here right now... HA!!)

so... its just me.
and i've already pumped enough milk for sweet baby vivi yesterday at the hospital, that i dont have to be there until later this afternoon.  

i have NO responsibilities today.  o.m.g.

that means, my day will look like something like this.  (with luck.)

9 AM:  first post-baby workout.  im looking to do one hour, but maybe we should just commit to 30 minutes, anticipating that i don't fall off the elliptical and die.  HAHAha

10 AM:  shower, eat, dress

1030 AM:  pump

11 AM:  post office, pay bills at ATM (portugal RULES)

1130 AM:  go to bathroom/ kitchen store.  this may or may not be a big drama.  i presently have giant glass shower doors sitting in my living room laying on my living room floor, as they are about 12 inches too TALL.  (we have a slanted ceiling in the bathroom, on one side.  great for the skylight, bad for the shower doors)  i have been trying to finish this bathroom's "renovation" for about 2 months now.  it was supposed to be a surprise for victor, but that is so long-gone of an idea, its not even funny any more... *sigh* so they have to come BACK to my house, pick up the thing, i need to reorder the CORRECT size (and color.. omg...) and then return the delivery.  and THEN i need to have it installed by someone else, as they dont do the work, just order the stuff.  uGHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

12 PM  almada forum (kind of like the westchester mall, in white plains.  its about 20 minutes from my house here.)  i can grab a frappaccino at starbucks and get my first manicure/ pedicure of summer.  i am SO excited for this to FINALLY happen.  my fingernails are not too shabby, as every day they are inside the incubator and i am crazy about germs and the baby... so i have been really phenomenally well behaved about not biting my nails.  (life long struggle solved by weekly manicures.  its expensive to not bite, but worth it.)  i am desperate for a pedicure though.... as i am truly ashamed of my feet right now!  i really, truly miss my best buddies at paradise nails, in millwood new york.  they. work. miracles.  (victor will attest to this: about two years ago i FORCED him into a super-manly pedicure.  haha.  after 33 years of converse sneakers, his poor pups needed some serious attention. (which by the way, were an entire size too tight, until his darling wife noticed and also forced him to try a large size sneaker... ((HOW do we survive before we meet our matches??!)) 

then grab lunch. and head to the hospital.

i technically have to pump again at 1:30 PM, so if all goes according to plan, i will be at the hospital pumping then.  BUT... as i know myself and the way things go, i will be about an hour late to the hospital, and to pump.  and thats ok, as long as i stick to a super tight schedule of pumping in the afternoon.  

2 PM arrive hospital, say hi to sweet little baby and pump immediately.

3-4 PM:  staff shift change, parents must wait in the waiting room.  (i am always ill-timed with this... i will be pumping when i can see baby, and free to see baby during shift change... *sigh*)

430 PM:  pump

6 PM:  baby belly massage, diaper change, kangaroo time <3

730 PM:  pump

10 PM:  diaper change/ getting ready for shift change.  this is when ill head home...

1030PM:  pump.  again.

11 PM:  water plants, walk dog.  inhale leftover baked zitti.  (i planned ahead!!!!)

1130 PM:  bed.

130 AM:  (try to) wake up.  pump.

430 AM:  (try to) wake up, pump.

730 AM:  pump.

8 AM:  use giant zucchini from next door neighbor's garden to make my first zucchini bread.  

seeing that it is already 9:15 AM and i am still in my pjs eating cereal and yogurt, TALKING about my day, clearly i am NOT off to a good start.... i WILL workout TODAY.  just thought id give you a little bit of a "day in the life of.... on those rare days that i have "no responsibilities" to anyone but me...  i've had several of these days in the last month or so, where i got really really close to a mani/pedi.  as that is truly the goal... but the "me time" always gets sacrificed...  my poor feet are proof.... HAHha

ok ok ok off i go.  

photos of sweet baby coming tomorrow (as i am clearly late with my schedule today... )

yesterday, valentina was 1440 grams...  3 lbs. 2 oz. oh, oh, oh!!!  sweet baby!!!

hEhehehehehe i just love when daddy holds me <3

*grow baby grow* oh oh oh.... <3 <3 <3 


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