Tuesday, July 10, 2012

happy two months vivi lee!

So now that I can post directly from the hospital room to Facebook, I neglected to post this on the blog... BUT seeing that I have an app for Blogger....  I really need to keep things updated...  

Sweet baby Valentina celebrated her two month birthday on Sunday, July 8th!  As of Friday afternoon, she has been breathing on her own with no oxygen assistance and no problems!! (OMG lets keep our fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx it......) Her weight is steadily increasing and things are going spectacularly!  Baby is now eating via feeding tube 8 times a day which is the maximum for a feeding tube.  (Or something along those lines).  Right around the corner is breast/ bottle feeding!! And after that... we are finally headed home!  Victor Castro:  YOU REALLY need to finish painting the nursery.... Jacqui Castro:  YOU REALLY need to finish the 600 baby-DIY projects you have started/ and are hoarding around the house.....  

Baby's weight is now 3 lbs 5 oz!!!  We are headed to Intermediate Care as soon as a crib opens up!!! YESS!!!!!  GO BABY GO!!!!!

I hear the dryer buzzing and we are late for the hospital... More tomorrow!!

Here is a massive photodump for your viewing pleasure!!

*grow.baby.grow.* <3

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