Monday, July 30, 2012

as per your request...

THANK YOU ALL FOR sharing the last three months with us!  Your love, support and prayers have been the foundation for our strength, as we have patiently watched our sweet little baby's daily miracles in the NICU.  Miss Vivi Boom- Boom has shown us just how much of a valiant little warrior she is, growing bigger and stronger before our eyes, demonstrating a strength that can only come from the universe of love surrounds her! 

We have had many requests of “what do you guys still need?”  My answer:  LOVE & PRAYERS OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS!  Maybe a sponsorship for Team Boom- Boom in September for the NICU’s Mini/ Half Marathon?! (We will discuss later with further details...)  

And baby stuff!  OMG we didn’t shop for Baby over the last three months… So as per your requests, I have adjusted our long forgotten Baby Registry.  Fortunately we won’t need any special “preemie equipment” other than a few packages of preemie diapers that will certainly be outgrown any day now…

So here is the adjusted list!     

Http:// and search for Jacqui and Victor Castro in Ossining, NY!  We should pop right up!     

We would love photos of you!  Victor and I have received dozens of email from so many people, relating to our struggles with Valentina's premature birth.  So many people have shared our story with their family and friends, and we have received messages from people we haven't even met!  So many wonderful people have sent us such powerful messages and their own stories that we would love to take up a collection of sorts.

As a tribute to you all for your support, prayer groups, positive energy sent out into the universe, please, send us a photo of you holding a sign that says *grow baby grow* for Valentina's baby book!  Send a postcard!  Send an email!  Send Valentina a letter for her 18th birthday!  (IE "do you even know what your parents went through?!!)  We are so grateful that Valentina has come so far, please help us collect pieces of YOU to preserve our miraculous journey home.    

If you don't know my parents address in the US, head over to my Facebook page for both US and Portuguese addresses... 

Or email Grandma Patti  


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