Sunday, June 24, 2012

vivi's first cute-face photos.... these past three weeks!

while we are not "out of the woods" and out of the ICU room quite yet... here are a few photos of vivi over the last three-ish weeks.  you can see that her "true" face is starting to show... she is only on oxygen via nasal prongs (and her teeny feeding tube in her mouth) but she is doing really well.  since she no longer has that hat wtih the tubes all over the place, her face is no longer so... smushed...   vivi is filling out those cheeks, and while the swelling still kinda comes and goes, she is most certainly a happy baby. (once she is fed...)  she is our sweet little doll... next photo i have to capture is her "O" face when her belly is being massaged during naked time (aka the diaper change).  it is such a relief (finally) to see that she is getting bigger and better every day.  every day, just a little bit more baby...  

my papa had a little cold... but he is still a great snuggler.
first photo of baby & daddy <3
 ohhey... whats happen' bro?
ohohhhohhhhhh <3 <3 <3

crusty milk mouth... very happy baby

we're a good sleeper. <3

oh hi daddy.  are you going to change my diaper?

shes lookin' at you papa! 

yes yes just hold me, nice like that

snuggle time

handsome husband

sleeping in my chair... so i don't have flat-head.

this is my "i just woke up and yr taking my picture?" face

thats me and my mama.  

i like my binkey

and i really love my monkey <3

i love you valentina lee castro.

*grow. baby. grow.*

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