Tuesday, June 26, 2012

happy 7 week birthday, baby vivi!!

Our sweet little petunia is 7 weeks old today!  We are also about 35 weeks in our gestational age, meaning baby would be due in about 5 and a half weeks... OMG!!  That is the approximate timetable that NICUs predict preemies will be kept in the hospital, give or take a few weeks.  I am still betting that we will be home by the second week of August, as Vivi was extra tiny, but she has proven to be a competitive little champ, so who knows?!

As of yesterday, Monday, June 25th, Baby weighed 1315 grams.  That's 2 pounds 15 ounces!  We are so close to 3 pounds!!  Yay!!  We are no longer on any antibiotics, and her catheter was finally removed!  Her anemia is subsiding, though not gone yet.  Which means, no transfusion yet...  I think that as she is no longer on the antibiotics and catheter, she is at less risk for the anemia.  And while Mother's Intuition is no medical degree, I believe that she will be off her oxygen sooner rather than later.  And now, the next hoop to jump through.. Yesterday Vivi had an eye exam, and is showing signs of Retinopathy, or ROP, in her right eye.  While it is common among 90% of preemies, and even more common among babies that are classified as extremely premature (Valentina, of course...) it can be mild and spontaneously go away on its own.  If it is moderate, it can be corrected with laser eye surgery, and severe... can lead to blindness.  ROP is a condition that is the result of preemie birth, and baby's eyes getting blasted by oxygen.  It is scarring inside the capillaries in the eye.  Something like that... They don't really know why some babies get it, some don't, why sometimes it goes away on its own, and sometimes it doesn't...  *sigh*  Again though, this Mama's sheer willpower is going to ensure that Vivi's eyes are perfect.  Our little baby is going to be just fine.  More than fine.  Amazing.  Perfect.  Healthy in e.v.e.r.y. w.a.y!!!!!

But ultimately, ROP can mean she ends up with glasses, which, by the way, both Victor and I wear... So that is nearly a guarantee down the road, anyway.  Sorry kiddo... Consider it a fashion accessory and it ain't so bad... :)     

Time to jet off to the hospital...
Here are some photos from yesterday... <3

i love those little lips <3

i love snuggles with daddy

so comfy
happy mama

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