Saturday, June 9, 2012

miss valentina gave us a HUGE present yesterday, in honor of her one month birthday...  1038 grams!!  WE WEIGH ONE KILO!!!  that is 2.28 lbs!!!  mama's HUGE baby!!!  she is still tiny as can be, and she is swollen and retaining "water weight" from her serious rounds of antibiotics fighting her fungal infection, so we are still struggling every day.  but something about finally reaching one kilo just feels so damn good!!!!  just knowing that she is going UP in weight is a huge emotional relief.  she picks her head up, wiggles around, kicks off her "blankie", fights with nurses when they try to draw blood or vacuum her nose, etc...  she is definitely a little spitfire and i feel so blessed to see her improving. 

this isn't to say that we can finally celebrate... let's wait until we are home for that, but one month, one kilo, we will take it!  

maybe ill make these in 11 months for valentina's first birthday!!!
other news, yesterday miss vivi had an appointment with the eye doctor.  i am actually glad i didn't know beforehand, as i would have been stressing even more than usual...  one of the first things that they said to us when vivi was born, was that the retinas may not have finished forming, and she can have a whole long list of eye problems, including blindness.  it is pretty much the one thing that doesn't continue to develop in the incubator, is the eyes.  so, after the first official eye exam, she passed with flying colors.  the doctors are pleased with her progress, and while we will need several follow up exams over the next weeks and months (and years, of course), her eyes are good.  (i'd say perfect, but i will wait until victor speaks in portuguese to the eye doctor... just so no information is missed...)  but i had one of her general doctors repeat it to me several times, "so her eyes are good, for now, right?"  "yes, they are good" "and i know we will have to check again, but she is ok, her eyes are ok?"  "yes, yes she is fine."  i am so convinced that the staff can't WAIT for "baby castro" to be full-term, so she can get the hell out of the NICU, not because she is a difficult baby, but because they wanna get rid of me... don't blame them... i feel the same way about some of the staff...  :/  HA!! 

so that's it for now!!  i am off to the hospital! 

*grow. baby. grow*    

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