Saturday, May 26, 2012

may 7th

hi family and friends... just sending you a quick thank you message for all the love and well wishes.... as many of you know, ive been in the hospital with severe, early onset pre.eclampisa and HELLP syndrome... two major pregnancy complications... i was in the ICU for the last 3 days, and have finally been moved to pre.maternity ward where every boring, passing day is a huge victory for both me and baby. baby is happy and safe inside (though she is super tiny) so we are doing everything we can to keep me stable, so baby can keep growing safe and sound... as of now, baby is less than one kilo, but is swimming away and well oxygenated and enjoys kicking the fetal monitor when the doctors and nurses attempt to listen to the heartbeat. victor is by my side 24 hours, and i am truly blessed to have such a supportive wonderful and amazing husband who lets me cry when i need to, lotions my suddenly feet, brushes my hair and sneaks me a bite of corn muffin when i need it. baby is almost 28 weeks, please keep us in yr hearts and keep your fingers crossed that by some miracle, this little peanut will stay inside for as long as possible.

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