Saturday, May 26, 2012

from daddy vic..

Like if she didn't trust no one in this world, she doesn't asked to be born earlier, she doesn't know if she's gonna make it, she doesn't know what's going on...but i know that i already love her more than anything in this world, and i ask every day for her to survive this and have a portion of what we call quality of life. I wonder how's gonna be the quality of life of this little princess, but please be strong little squirrel. I friends and family, my name is VALENTINA because i need to be strong, LEE because of my mom Jacqui Castro and CASTRO because of my dad, Valentina Lee Castro i am and I need your help on asking the world to have a good one this time. Please world, please. I promise i'll not eat to many candies, i promise.

vivi's first photo...  very red and a little scary... made her mama cry...  

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