Tuesday, May 29, 2012

may 29th- three weeks old

Sweet Sweet Valentina update: So after our epic weight gain (which ultimately was a fluke) we lost about 60 grams... BUT! This is totally fine, as the 101 gram weight gain was as I expected... not a complete fluke, but was the result of slowly gaining weight for 2 days, the nurse weighing Vivi late in the day, and literally being full of milk... she takes about 100 ml of milk everyday, and I was present during the diaper change.... it was empty.... So while I'd like to believe my breast milk is the super-juice of all super-juices and makes preemie babies grow 100 grams a day, the reality is that it's just the normal super-juice of mama's milk... heh heh.... 

So where we are today: Today Valentina is 853 grams (1.88 lbs) which is awesome.... Slow & steady wins the race... She is finally off her antibiotics from her blood infection and skin infection, though she is still using the cream for her skin. I know I am probably repeating myself for the thousandth time, but supposedly both types of infections are normal for preemies in incubators. And while I start to panic at the thought of my precious little heart having "infections" I am reassured that everything is ok, and normal typical etc... So I am happy to report that the blood work is fine, the cream is working, and today, Vivi had a sonogram of her head... Her brain is developing perfectly, nothing to report, the doctors said everything looks just fine. The only thing that is causing Mama and Papa to panic a little bit is that her oxygen levels were up today... meaning she needed some extra help breathing today... My poor little baby... Yesterday when we were with Vivi, she slept SO WELL almost all day! She woke up several times, only to pick up her head, move around a bit, and then back to sleep... Oh she is so cute... The weight gain, as tiny as it may be in the grand scheme of the concept of "weight gain" makes a big difference on such a tiny little doll... And today she has a little bit of that "under chin" ... certainly not a double chin, but there is now a little bit of meat under there.... and her cheeks are filling out... Oh so sweet.... OK... Enough gushing... I will post photos tomorrow.... Victor has the cutest pic on his phone from today.. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

As always, thank you for your love and prayers, rain dances and cosmic energy... all in all, today was a good day.

♥ grow baby grow ♥

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