Saturday, May 26, 2012

may 21st- my 24th birthday. (again.)

Sunday update: Baby Valentina is 675 grams... not a huge weight gain, but headed in the right direction, so we are happy enough for today. The doctors found a blood infection Saturday afternoon, which was caught very early and is already being treated... Scary, but a nurse commented today that of all the micro-preemies she has seen over the years, Vivi is the strongest and most resilient... Maybe she says this to all the parents, but it was a comfort to hear... Vivi had a nicely soiled diaper, I am proud to report, which means her digestive tract is handling Mama's milk beautifully, another tiny miracle. Our tiny sweetheart slept all day during our visit today, which gave Victor and I time together to just sit and appreciate our tiny baby, and I am praying for another little miracle, that Valentina has a nice healthy weight gain tomorrow, and responds well to all her treatments.. Thats what Mama wants for her birthday, nothing else, Vivi... just her healthy baby... ♥

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