Wednesday, October 3, 2012

nursing baby/ one handed blogging

forget the blog... BRING ON THE PHOTOS!!
omg smile

 this outfit is my worst nightmare... lol.  but it was a gift from our 85 year old neighbor... so I took a photo to give to her....

new haircut and dye-job. 

omg my little duckling

after big dumps, our little herniated belly button is normal! HAaha

pumps, mamas coffee, water and turkey sandwich.
untouched.  *sigh*

life is good.

not the best photo... but we are a chicco photoshoot in the making!



I hope these two videos post correctly...  I am EMBARRASSED for sounding like such a d-bag...  They weren't filmed for public viewing, I tried to email them to my Mama for a laugh... I know she misses her grandbaby all the time... And the idea was to film Vivi grunting while getting ready to take a dump, so that Grandma Patti can be included in EVERYTHING, including the dirty diapers... But since I was having a hard time getting her the video, I figured I'd just share it for all.  Valentina, when you are an awkward tween, you will probably hate me a little for posting this.  I just want you to know, that we have all shared in the stress and anxiety and trauma of the first three months of your life, that watching grunt while getting ready to dump is truly a joy... LOL.  Sorry, kid.  

Ok.  I presently have a sleeping baby curled in my lap... That is the only reason why I have been able to blog at all/ so much today...