Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday 19 Oct. 2012

Happy Friday, World!

It's 9 am and baby is in her bassinet sorta- napping, sorta- playing.... Valentina is a happy, healthy little girl and I am oh so in love... While the weather here is FINALLY changing and cooling down, we are happily snuggling and keeping warm! I think baby may be coming down with a little cough/cold, but generally, she is alert, observant, giggly, and as playful as a "two month old" can be. Every morning baby wakes up just before my alarm to get big sister Bianca up and ready for school, so I spend the first 15 minutes of my day running up and down the stairs, hustling Bia out of bed and supervising her getting dressed in less than 2 hours (ok slight exaggeration), changing diapers, nursing/ pumping/ warming bottles/ feeding baby a bottle, etc... Sometimes Victor needs to wake up during the morning rush, then it's pure chaos! Two coffee pots running (I like my soy lattes, Vic likes his American drip coffee in his "to go" mug, toast and cereal, breast milk, oh you know, just the usual mad dash before the school bus....

We had to reschedule our trip to the American Embassy, but we need Daddy to be there with us, and sometimes Daddies have to work! We ended up rebooking out appointment for October 31st- so we will be wearing a Halloween costume that used to be mine... :D

Other than that, we are looking forward to booking our first trip to the US in early January (I hope!) I am still apprehensive about flying in that airplane air... But Vivi's doctor gave us the OK!

Gonna hop on the elliptical when I can... I am skating again so I've gotta shed some baby weight. I put on more weight sitting at the hospital in front of an incubator than I did actually being pregnant. So I am recommitting to a super healthy diet and epic exercising. I have yet to figure our how to do this, while maintaining my borderline- enough level of breast milk, but you know.. I really miss my size 26 Levi's, so something has GOT to change...

Anyhow .. It's official! I'm doing roller derby again! Check out

And LIKE our page, to keep up with our evolving team and of course I will keep you posted so you can buy tickets to our first future bout!!

Oh! And tomorrow I am acting in a commercial??!! Will get back to you about that one, too... Omg wish me luck??!!

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