Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 oct. 10 pm

baby is sleeping in her bassinet downstairs.
bianca is in her bed.
victor is cursing the computer for not playing the real madrid game. 
i am pumping.  

yep..... same ol' sunday night...

waiting for the bus with big sister
BUT!  I did some something super constructive this afternoon!  i started a Tumblr blog for victor! he keeps saying how he doesn't have the time to made a website for himself, nor do we have the spare cash to pay someone to do it... so this afternoon while i was pumping, i got the wild hair up my bum to start a page for him!  its nothing brilliant (or even near complete) for now... but i am quite proud to say that this week, we will be launching seventy seven films.  yay, VIC! for tax reasons, it has been recommended for vic to start his own company (for years now...) so we are finally doing it... and since for tax purposes, i am an "employee" maybe i should earn my keep.... hehe!!

had our first weekend with daddy home, in ages!  i attended my first lisbon roller derby practice saturday night!  victor and baby snuggled while i skated.  oohhh my goodness i am so epiclly out of derby-shape... and i think tomorrow morning i wont be able to get out of bed... but i am thrilled to find a team that is new and hashing things out, though it really really makes me miss my Suburbia Roller Derby team... miss you girls... <3

helping mama with laundry
i finally feel like i am getting into a groove... i have so much to do around the house... but i fell like for the first time in a really long time, i am truly happy.  things are good. victor has a new job, we have steady money coming in, less stress, happier home.  bianca is happy with school and adjusting to her baby sister very well.  baby is perfect and healthy and while i need to write a huge post about my huge ass (the post-baby-body-fitness-plan-post), we are all good.  it's about freakin' time!! sheeshhh!!!
holding our rattle.
(action shot.)

ok.  a few photos from this past week...
when daddy works late, i keep mama company in bed.  

so by the way, we don't really celebrate halloween here in portugal.  at school they have little halloween parties, but its NOTHING like the US... i was wondering... should i get baby's first halloween costume anyway?  just cos?  what do you think of some of these?

ok too bad i'm not pregnant... i'd totally do this one...


i could try this one... 

but here is another goodie...

whatcha think... should i buy a halloween costume for valentina??

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