Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!!

I know I have been super lazy with the posts lately, but we've been busy girls!!

First, a Happy, happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends in the US! We REALLY missed you guys.... I was thinking of cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner here, but the holiday crept up on me, I was thinking I had one more week... So when it came and went, I lost the energy to do the meal..

Valentina has had three vaccines this month, and as of last week, she weighed a whopping 5.5 kilos!! That's 12 lbs 2 oz!! Mama's big baby!! She survived her shots like a champ, only a few minutes of blood-curling screams... Nothing an afternoon of snuggles and sugar water on a pacifier couldn't cure. Baby is now suffering through her first serious cough/ cold. She is only fussier at night, when she is stuffed up and hungry and sleepy and can't figure out which is her biggest complaint, as she won't/ can't eat/ nurse because she is stuffed up. We made a relatively quick trip to the Pediatric ER at Hospital de Santa Maria (where baby was born/ where we were advised to go) and pretty much as I expected... Nothing to really do, just wait and see. We had a little barfy incident the other night, from what I think was too much baby nasal saline solution... It was pretty gross, especially when she did it again the next day (or 2 days later?) all over me/ my 2nd clean bathrobe/ my bedspread just as I was waking Victor up... "Here is your regurgitated breast milk covered child- good morning!!" Other than that, we are just waiting until the cough goes away.. Hopefully as soon as possible!! It is nerve- wracking to see her cough.. Especially when she is eating...

But!! Last week, Valentina rolled over!! First big milestone!!! She was on her belly, between my legs on my bed. I had just changed a diaper, and her pajamas had the snaps on the back butt flap. And ploop! Rolled onto her back!! Clearly it was an accident, but I was thrilled nonetheless.

Bianca and I set up our Christmas tree last night, and after filming for 24 hours straight, Vic came home to a cheery, decorated living room! Now I just need to remember where I put those stocking I got for Vic & Bia last year... the house is in semi- chaos.... Sick baby means extra snuggle time, even less productivity on my part... My goal is to have the house "set up" by new years. All those house things I still need to do, like hang photos, install bathroom cabinets, reorganize the garage do I can have a proper laundry room... I am just too nervous about drilling through concrete walls... No dry wall in Portugal.. It makes hanging photos waaaay more difficult.

And my Tank is in the shop.. On my way to roller derby practice Thursday night, the driver side window dropped, when I was paying the toll for the bridge. I had to drive all the way to practice with my window fully opened, leave it open for the 2 hour practice, and of course, it rained the whole way home. Of course! Of course! Only me!!

Today's agenda: pancakes, omelets, and banana bread (special for hubby), then bath for the three Castro girls, supermarket, butcher, laundry, laundry, maybe make my stuffed cannelloni with a Cobb salad? Mmmmmm. So by the way, a few weeks ago I made Cobb salad. Bianca thought I was a genius. What kid asks for more salad??! Poor, poor deprived child, there are no "meal" salads here... Huge hindrance to Dieting in Portugal. Speaking I'd which... I have been super- slacking on the post- baby pork-off. Skating is great, but I need to up the workouts at home more and watch what I out in my trap.. :D stuffed cannelloni for dinner, what? Haha my fitness goal for 2013 is to run a full marathon, and to look better at 30 than I did at 20. Not that I am anywhere NEAR turning Dirty Thirty. I will be turning 25 again in May, and I plan to be 115 lbs of cut steel. With boobs. Ha!!! Ok. More thoughts on fitness/ running/ skating/ turning 25 again in future posts... But for now... Photos!!!

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