Monday, November 19, 2012

Back to the grind!

It's Monday afternoon and baby and I are home from the hospital. She is sorta fussing in her bouncy chair, I am pumping.. We had a checkup with a doctor who I am not entirely sure who she was, and I can't remember how to spell her department, do I can't translate it into English... BUT she asked a bunch of questions and did a little exam on our baby girl, and concluded everything was just "óptimo!" Valentina has amazing head control and neck strength, she pushes herself up like a champ, she is getting closer to sitting every day! Baby has great eye coordination, her grip with those pudgy little paws is great, and even when you hold her so that she can "stand," it's perfect. The doctor was explaining to her intern that THIS is what you want to see! Our perfect little girl!!!

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