Friday, April 19, 2013

11 Month Update!

After a looong hiatus, for which I deeply apologize.... I am vowing to get back into the swing of things... Blogging, continuing to revamp the house, running, skating, keeping up with derby websites/ messages/ workouts, etc.  And Valentina updates.  Ooohh yes, we have a lot to discuss with about our little Petunia... <3

I have been busy whitewashing the 50 foot long wall alongside our driveway, Wednesday I painted the patio walls, Monday and Tuesday I scrubbed the tiles on both the patio and driveway, chased baby around in her walker (man can she MOVE in that thing!), cleaned up the garden disaster (aka my "green thumb" experiments), I have a huge list of 1st birthday prepping...  AAAAnd those two teeth coming in....  They are causing us some super crankiness that is taking over any productive daylight hours...  I am going on 3.5 hours of sleep last night, 4 hours the night before...  How is a Momma supposed to do it all?!

I have some more videos to upload, but my internet is being cranky, like the rest of my house...  More coming soon...

But here she is! April 8th, 2013:  Happy 11 Months, Sweet Pea! <3

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