Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year: part 2

So I didn't really get a chance to finish my thoughts this morning, and just posted.  Victor asked me this afternoon, why I wrote what I wrote... Sorta like... Where did that come from????  

It came from the rest of the train of thought... Which now has been derailed....  But I guess I will try to pull it all back to center:  why was I blabbering on about 2008 and my existential breakdown. 

It is New Years Day.  And when I think about New Years of the past...  I think of some of the best and some of the worst times... I don't mean the parties, the booze & fun, etc.. I think of how the year's end can give you that sentimental sweetness of "where I've been" this year, and the hopefulness of what the future brings.  The inspiration to bravely push yourself out of your comfort zone, your slightly older, slightly chubbier, slightly less-inspired self....  And put your best self forward for the new year.  

I am a sentimental person... though I have really tried in these last few years, to get rid of the knickknacks that cluttered my life.   And I have been pretty successful with this.  And in these last few years, I have also consciously tried to make some life plans and goals, and keep them in mind throughout the year, in attempts to really "stick with it" and achieve.  I need to write things down.  I need Post-Its in my life.  I LIKE New Years Resolutions.  I am not saying that I want to change a lot about my life, that's not why I like resolutions.  But more so that I like to make sure I get out there and do the things I say I wanna do, back my mouth up!  I have so many big ideas, big dreams, that I get carried away.  I forget a lot of the times.  I get sidetracked.  (you may have noticed....) 

By the way, this is the third attempt I have made to finish this post, finish this thought that I started at 10 AM.... It is now 7 PM..... Life of a Mama...

So where did this whole long, blubbery, retrograde reflection come from?  It came from the New Years List of Resolutions 2013 that I am still working on.  I will post in a few days... Among my many, many resolutions this year:  post often.  Even if its just a little ditty.  I want to write more, both bloggy stuff, personal essays, oh oho h remember when I used to write poe-uh-try???  Political rants and ravings???  One of my New Years Resolutions is to write a book this year.  Actually, I have the basis already written:  YOu all have been reading it for the last year... I think about my senior year at Ithaca College... I took this super RAD art course:  Book Making.  Best. Course. Ever.  I've decided I want to make Valentina a book about her birth...  But I wanna make a POP UP BOOK!  YESSS!!!  More on this in a few days.

And photos.  Lots and lots of baby Valentina photos... 

Happy New Year.

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  1. YEAH Jacqui I remember your senior year at IC and your political rants and ravings...remember my book I wanted to write? I thought I was ready to have it published but then I was finally released from that STALKER we both 'choose' to live with MY senior year at IC...so I have about 725 pages to go to make it a trily sociologically-based autobiography of all my mess-ups, recovery, how I THOUGHT I moved on by moving far AWAY and NEVER talking about the painful past, present, or inevitable future, but I still have that HOPE (not only to END WAR anymore but) to become the best person and family I could ever have possibly dreamed of...I miss us girl!!!

    Kelsi OSER again finally!!!