Friday, February 10, 2012

TaNK GiRL* apocalypse!

Awwww snap!  The apocalypse is truly upon is..... we're having a baby!  As we have so many friends and family scattered all over the globe, we thought it was best to start a babyblog, for all of our loved ones to be constantly updated.  

As of today, I am 15 weeks pregnant, and our anticipated due date is July 29th, 2012.  Which means, Victor and I are in for one long, hot summer...  I am looking forward to lots of floating in the little lagoon at the beach near our house and frozen yogurt.  We are also already planning to swap rooms around in our house, painting, epic reorganization and maybe some minor construction- HA!!  (Any volunteers available to help?!  I will bake cupcakes and Vic will provide all the Sagres you can drink to repay the favor...)  

While we have already told friends and family, we decided to not let post on Facebook and "go viral" with our big news until I made it through the first trimester, worry free.  This is my first pregnancy and everything about Baby Castro is so surreal, so I just wanted to cherish the panic for awhile.....  AHHHH!!!  I am totally neurotic about reading baby books and researching everything baby related, and while I wouldn't quite say I feel comfortable about the whole thing, I am definitely excited and happily... panicked?  There is just so much to do and learn about, it's wonderfully overwhelming.  

As far as my first trimester went, I have been blessed with only minor morning sickness, which usually strikes when I am helping Bianca get ready for school.  I usually get to brush my teeth several times before noon, but from what I've ready about other women's morning sickness, I have been really super lucky!  As long as I have some toast, some tea and a yogurt, I do just fine.  Though at night, around dinner time, Vic's biggest complaint is that I don't eat.  Yes, I've had the occasional bout of nausea/ vomiting in the AM, dinner is the absolute last thing I want to eat.  I have evening sickness... HA!  I feel like I happily graze all day, and I try to keep it as healthy as I can.  I will admit to devouring a small bag of mini- Snickers bars over the course of a week, but other than that, I snack on oranges from our neighbor's yard, and peanut butter and crackers.  At least those are my favorites the last few weeks.  I also crave big bottles of water...  So I think as long as I take my pre-natal vitamins, milk, soy milk, veggie loaded egg white omelets, and fruit, I'm doing pretty good.  All the Portuguese chorizos that were just so damn delicious just a few short months ago now turn my stomach...  so I'm staying away from them... eww...  

I have had several check-ups already, and my doctor says I am doing just fine!  I hope everything continues to be this easy and uneventful...  that's a good thing, right?!  I've already bought some maternity clothes, as my jeans are no longer feeling quite as comfy as they used to, and I am so excited that Old Navy makes maternity skinny jeans... RAD!  And they were super cheap, which is a huge plus.  And I'd just like so say THANK YOU to my Momma Patti for paying for the epic shipping costs for all the packages she sends to me and Vic.  Especially for surprising us with 1-lb. bags of Twizzlers... heart.heart.heart.  

I still have to take my first belly picture, and post it with our first sonogram that we took a few weeks ago.  I think the biggest reason why I haven't taken the classic "belly photo" is because there isn't much to photo yet... It's a little disappointing!  I was hoping that there would be some more action to show off all the hard work I've been doing!

I will admit that I have been slacking big time in the exercise department... which is kinda unusual for me, as I love my Elliptical machine.  It's just so damn chilly outside right now (nothing compared to New York winters though!)  But our house doesn't have heat (as it isn't really needed in our area of Lisbon, Portugal), so at night we light the occasional fire and just put on the little space heater and we're good.  BUT, it TOTALY KILLS all motivation to do prenatal yoga in the living room, get on the Elliptical, or go for a jog outside.  Vic and I have taken some wonderfully long walks along the water in Seixal, basking in winter sunshine.

I've had some super weird dreams too, which I can get into later.  One was about people I went to grammar school with and haven't spoken to or thought about since about 1997, another dream was that I got a text message from a girl I used to skate roller derby with, and she asked me to meet her in Dublin to drink whiskey, and another was about how I couldn't find my math homework in high school....  WEIRD!  

So anyhow.... Welcome to our babyblog!  Wish us luck... EeEEE!!

Jax & Vic

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