Friday, February 10, 2012

she is brilliant!

Oi!  So I had this brilliant idea to upload a few photos of us, just to get the blog rolling... and two hours later, I am about to throw my computer out the window.  I have been trying to upload some 20 photos, nothing too excessive... I tried uploading into several posts, but then they were out of order, now I've decided maybe the next best thing is to try to make a album for your viewing pleasure.  

BUT, while I have no problem writing a blog and sharing a few photos here and there, privacy issues ARE a concern of mine, and anyone who knows me well (which should be all of you, as you are reading about my private life....) knows that I do appreciate my privacy and interweb discretion.  Since I do maintain tight control of who sees my Facebook profile (as in, if yr my friend on FB, you can see everything... yr on the team.) I think I will post the password to my albums that will correlate to the BabyBlog.  I said I was neurotic... Am I going overboard?  Or does anyone know an easier, more efficient way of posting private albums to a blog?  HmMmmmmmm...    

Wish me luck!  

Ok... Let's see if this works...

The following link should be a password protected link to my new Photobucket album... The password is available on my Facebook page!  Be sure to view the album as a slideshow (until I figure out how to connect a proper link...)   

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