Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Plum

The first of the summer plums are showing up in the markets this week. I did the ol' squeeze 'em test... But I should have taken a bite, because I bit into a tart one... But since baby was interested, I gave her a taste, assuming she also wouldn't want to eat it and it would be discarded. But she seemed to enjoy it, so I let her gnaw for a few minutes with those 2 teeth of hers. Within a minute, she had peeled a long piece of plum skin off, do I took the choking hazard out of her mouth and got the peeler out, to remove the skin and let her enjoy her snack. Ooooohhh she screamed bloody murder!! She was pissed!! I quickly peeled... Them gave it back. But there were a few tears.. That were just too precious not to share...

Omg! <3

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