Monday, March 4, 2013


About three weeks ago, I was getting a hungry baby ready for bed, and I was changing her clothes, snuggling, trying to keep her happy as she was not- so- patiently waiting for her bottle, warming in the bottle warmer.  Every time the thing beeps that it is ready, I always say, "Baba time!"  And like Pavlov's dog experiments, my little pup, for the first time, BIG EYES, BIG SMILE, says, "BAHBA!!"  I was astonished for a few seconds.... as that was always "my line," but because Valentina hasn't said any clear one syllable words, let alone two syllables!  Of course I screamed and jumped for joy, called for Bianca to come running upstairs to witness the passing moment....  Texted Victor, texted my mom...  Baby didn't do a repeat performance for another week or so... But now, everything is BAbAbABABababababBABABbababa.


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