Thursday, September 6, 2012

september 6th. one month home.

omg no  pictures

naked time in the gym..

little doll.
in her sling

so clean

great-gramma glenda- do these come with suspenders? :D


vitamin face!!

5 minutes before this photo, baby was tucked in tight and straight
not nakie and sideways...

vivi had gas one morning...
daddy was asked to snuggle her and burp her to comfort her...
20 minutes later this is what i found.
i guess she just needed some snuggles

omg <3

take over 
lets eat baby!

we love out blooming bath!
thank you juliet & jane for the tip!! <3

the current setup, when not taking over her parents bed

daddy's shining star.
so pretty!
also the first "newborn" sized pjs valentina has outgrown!

i love daddy

even though he teases me

do i look like my 'fadder or what??



mama is thinking of putting Tonka Truck wheels on my stroller
for these sidewalks!!

big sister bianca said she doesnt want photos of her on the blog...
so mama is just sneaking in ONE

snug as a bug in a rug


chunky monkey

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