Friday, August 10, 2012

August 8th-- Three Months Old!!

We have been home one week and oooh baby oh baby.... We are so over-the- moon happy!!! And tired... Valentina is a sweet happy baby who is very vocal about her needs, she seems to always be hungry (a good sigh of growth right??!) and she is always ready for a diaper change!! I am really looking forward to cloth diapers in the future!! Baby is going to be weighed with Daddy today, so I'll have an exact weight this afternoon, but she looooves to chow down on her babas, and then sleeps like a little dream baby!

My mama Patti had been here with us this week and I have no idea how I'll survive without her next week! There is ALWAYS laundry going, the dog always needs attention, Bianca always needs entertainment, and then there is cooking, cleaning, etc... Since Valentina can't go out into public places for a few months, our family excursions are limited, plus visitors are limited for a few months too... Not the homecoming you anticipate for a new baby, but in a way, the baby quarantine is nice as I get to figure out how to be a Mama without interference, just advice/ tips when I ask for it... Ha!!! Victor is madly in love with this little girl, and dutifully takes "the night shift" so Mama can rest.

Bottles & boobies... So I am still pumping milk ALL the time!! Vivi isn't breastfeeding quite yet... Mostly my fault... I don't "force" her to nurse ... Let me rephrase... Baby eats when she is hungry, I keep an eye on the clock and pay attention to her signals (head bobbing and hand sucking, etc). Valentina will latch on nicely, nurse perfectly, burp an nurse more. Then she will fall asleep. I will move her to her bassinet, and either she will sleep awhile or wake up hungry still. I'll put her to my breast again, and she will go crazy, won't latch on, inconsolable until she had a bottle in her mouth. I am not giving up, though it is discouraging and TIME CONSUMING to bottlefeed then diaper change, then pump, then clean and sanitize and set up bottles .... Etc... Leaves little time to do anything else...

Ok! Baby is waking up... More later!!

(30 minutes later)

So I am blogging from my phone right now and I was saving this post so I could post photos.... I bought Medela nipple shields yesterday... Baby just nursed for 30 minutes and is sleeping beautifully... Omg... Maybe we have turned a corner... Nursing 24/7 here comes Boom-Boom!! Haha!!

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