Sunday, March 18, 2012

20 weeks: halfway there!!

AHHHH what a week!  Victor is still in Angola... hopefully, without any other delays, he will be home Wednesday at 4 AM! YAYYA!!!  I can't believe we survived 9 months long distance... going 6- 8 weeks at a time without seeing each other... maybe more?  I prefer not to think too much about those missings... Anyway, he will be home the day after Portugal's Father's Day!  I think I need to get some kind of baby picture frame for sonogram photos... (To Be Posted...)

Monday.  I woke up at 4:30 am.  I can't sleep well without my Snuggle Bunny Victor...  So I got up and started organizing, cleaning, super-nest-mode.  By the time Galina our amazing cleaning lady was here in the afternoon, I had hauled 8 giant bags of "stuff" to get rid of, out to the garage.  I must have been up and down our 3 flights of stairs about 20 times...  

Tuesday AM, I felt like I was hit by a truck... Walking Bianca down the block to her school bus stop, I thought I was going to cry.  I had this pain under my belly... And if wasn't for my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment Wednesday morning, I would have been more panicked.... but admittedly, I have been such a lazy ass about stretching and exercise, that I really truly just blame myself for being out of shape...  I've been seriously slacking since the wedding in August... so I am putting myself on a strict exercise schedule starting Monday.  It will be minimal in the beginning, to rebuild lost muscle mass, get my chunky butt back in shape....  I can be pregnant, but carrying garbage backs of clothing down stairs? That should not kick my ass....  

Wednesday.  From my Facebook posts...  ‎20 week doctor appointment & weigh- in... wish me luck!!! eeee!!! and coming up later today, blog's weekly update, belly photos, cranky hormones, bitchfest about maternity clothes... i think i deserve a chocolate milkshake for breakfast.

and then I posted....  i was cranky this AM, yes... well deserved crankiness... after checking in for my appointment 15 minutes early, and then waiting an hour and 45 minutes, the stupid *************** ******** ******* ****** ******** ********** office nurse yells my name across the office, and proceeds to basically tell me i am an idiot, wasting time there, as she "personally" called and spoke to victor two weeks ago, changing my appointment time, etc. etc. etc. (or at least this is the translation i deduced from the experience and conversation with my mother in law, afterwards.....) my original appointment WAS at 3 pm, and then THIS WOMAN who was so **************** rude, was the one to change the appointment to 10:30 AM. DID NO ONE NOTICE that i didn't have an appointment when i checked in???? every single one of my appointments in the last 2 months have had bullshit changes like this... this afternoon, when i return for my "2:30 appointment" this stupid *********** is getting written up in the complains book. apparently thats a big deal in portugal. eat that, bitch. days like today, i truly miss being in the US. mostly because at least in the US, i can scream at an incompetent bitch when necessary. grrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So basically, in the end...  I find out, I WAS RIGHT in the first place...  Once I FINALLY made it into my appointment, at 3 pm... My appointment was originally scheduled for 3 pm. But when the stupid office wench called and spoke to Vic two weeks ago, she didn't specify that my appointment in APRIL changed.  I didn't even have an appointment scheduled in April yet.  I was to be told on Wednesday that the 3 pm appointment would ultimately be at 10:30 am.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So despite all the bullshit and drama getting INTO my appointment, I woke up relatively pain-free, clearly I was just strained from my excessive nesting.  My weight is up 2 more pounds, everything is good and progressing nicely.  I had to get a tetanus shot (ouchie) and I am waiting to hear back from the local office for my prenatal birthing class info.  It probably won't be available in English, so I should probably just start looking into birthing classes for foreigners in Lisbon. Doctora Maria Joao used the little handheld microphone sonogram thingy and we listened to baby's heartbeat:  157 heartbeats (per minute, I think).  She said it was strong and perfect!  

Thursday I don't really remember anything too exciting happening Thursday...  other than my Mama sending me the most epic care package ever!!  One simple little box contained:  5 bags of marshmallows, a one pound bag of Twizzlers, two boxes of dryer sheets (swoon!), two pairs of American Apparel High Waisted black leggings (ILY JULIET for the recommendation!), an AA sundress in purple, a Splendid shirt that I love... What else?  My first 3 baby presents from my mama!!  The Planet Wise nursing cover, owl themed changing pad and this awesome wet/ dry bag for my future cloth diapers...  I am oh oh oh so happy!  Victor is going to be so happy to have rice krispy treats and Twizzlers when he gets home... Life is good.  HAha!!

Friday nothing too spectacular to report... still trilled about my care package... HAha!!

20 week development Depending on which baby website you read, Baby Castro is about the length of a banana or the size of a cantaloupe.  Baby is gulping amniotic fluid, for nutrition and to practice swallowing...  Baby's taste buds are now working (weird!) so Baby Castro is developing a taste for all the foods I've been eating lately.  Baby will love smoothies and avocados as much as me!!  Tomorrow when I go for my sonogram, baby will not be measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the butt, but from now on, with extended leggies!  Baby is starting to stretch out.  I also learned an important tip this week. As baby's digestive system is developing, everything baby eats is collecting for baby's first dump.  (AWESOME!)  It's called the meconium, and its like this sticky death tar dump that can end up in the first diaper.  SOOO, I am now 100% confident that we won't be using those darling little cloth diapers until AFTER this excitement in the diaper...  (can you tell I am being facetious?)  Only organic disposables for our little petunia for the first few weeks...

Saturday's sonogram post is next, if I can figure out how to get the damn video off the DVD VR...  I KNOW I learned how to do this in my computer class during my master's program.... Where is Victor?!  He is the one who is the talent at this sort of thing....  *sigh*

If I can't get the video up, I'll take some still photos from the video and post those for the time being.  And 20 week belly shots.  I need to take some of those too... <3 <3 <3  

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